September Lecture - The Quirky Quercus

posted Aug 22, 2013, 7:15 AM by Marty Nielsen
Fall is approaching and that means many things but most importantly resumption of our monthly lectures!

Oaks of Virginia:

The Quirky Quercus

Christopher Puttock, PhD

Thursday, September 12

7:30 - 9:00 pm

Green Spring Gardens

4603 Green Spring Road

Alexandria, VA 22312

703 642-5173

Oaks are the predominant trees of Virginia, dominating much of the landscape
in nearly every forested community. Twenty-seven native species of oaks are
currently known from Virginia. In addition, many exotic species are used as
parkland and street trees, as well as elements in designed landscapes.
Distinguishing between species poses a challenge for all of us.

Dr. Puttock will take us through the morphological tool-kit needed by the
amateur naturalist and professional botanist if he or she is to have any
hope of identifying these sometimes difficult species, and thus avoiding the
common quercus refrain: "it's a hybrid".

Dr. Puttock is a botanist with more than 35 years of experience in flora
writing, herbarium management, and marine and terrestrial environmental
conservation. He is the past President of the Botanical Society of
Washington and a Maryland Native Plant Society board member. He is currently
working on several botanical projects, including developing an electronic
key of the North American paper daisies (the Asteraceae tribe Gnaphalieae);
documenting the status of ginseng in Maryland; and preparing a book on
Maryland oaks. His passion is in the landscape restoration of matrix plants
and animals, without which the sustainability of rare and declining flora
and fauna will never be achieved.

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